Chart of the month: local council infrastructure investment

Our latest Infrastructure Pipeline Profile sheds light on which infrastructure areas local councils are looking to invest in over the next 10 years. Capital spending by local councils is expected to top $53b over the next decade, compared to $39b over the previous nine years.

Transportation remains the dominant funding activity class, with 38% of funding over the next 10 years. Other services make up 29% of the total – this category generally represents local council spending on non-infrastructure capital items. Waste water is the third largest asset area, with 15% of the total, followed by water supply (11%) and storm water (7%).

Data notes: Transportation funding excludes direct central government spending on roading by NZTA. Solid waste management is often reported within a larger funding activity class, preventing a disaggregation. Data presented is for territorial authorities and unitary authorities, but not regional councils. Other services represent capital spending outside the denoted funding activity classes listed. 

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