Summer has arrived, and Infometrics' economists are back on board to assist you with your economic questions in 2024.

We start this year's newsletter with our regular, start-of-the-year, "From the beach" article. Chief Forecaster Gareth Kiernan discusses the potential impact of high migration numbers, China's economic woes, and our new government's delivery agenda in the economic year ahead.

Senior Economist Nick Brunsdon has written our regular "Chart of the Month" in January, measuring the significance of the public sector as an employer around the country.

From the beach 2024
Constant Bay, Charleston
The New Zealand economy has entered the new year with questions about whether the worst of the post-Covid hangover is behind us, or whether there’s more of a slowdown to come in 2024. We have collected our thoughts on three issues that will play a key role in determining New Zealand’s economic performance this year.
Chart of the Month: How big is the public sector in your area?
aerial photo of Wellington
The public sector is a significant employer in New Zealand, and it’s well known that these jobs are concentrated in Wellington. But how significant is the public sector as an employer around the country, and what components of the public sector drive this?