Demographic Projections
What are Demographic Projections?

Infometrics has developed and operates a Demographic Projection model which has been used to produce population and household projections for cities, districts and regional councils around New Zealand.

The Infometrics Demographic Projection model is based on a conventional cohort component approach, meaning we consider how births, deaths, migration and household formation affect the population at each stage of life. However, our key point of difference is that we use our regional employment forecasts to inform our net migration projection. This means that our projections reflect both demographic processes and the economic prospects of an area.
We can provide projections looking out 30 years for population by age, households by type of household, and average household size. We can do this at a regional, Territorial Authority and even SA2 level if required. SA2 is a type of geographic region which is smaller than Territorial Authorities and has been designed to represent communities.

How can demographic projections be used?

Demographic projections are an essential input into council planning processes, such as Long Term Plans (LTP). Our demographic projections are used to plan for provision of housing, community facilities and infrastructure. This is useful both for expanding areas (for provision of greenfield community facilities and infrastructure) as well as established areas which are experiencing changes such as an ageing population or gentrification.

We can provide interpretations of our projections in a detailed analytical report. The projections themselves can be delivered in an Excel spreadsheet as well as an interactive web-based dashboard for users to explore.

How do I get access to demographic projections?

Our demographic projections are developed on a bespoke basis, tailored to meet clients’ specific needs. We also ensure that you and your stakeholders get the chance to offer feedback on the projections prior to them being finalised.

Contact Nick Brunsdon, one of our economists, by clicking on the link below or calling us on (04) 909 7612 to discuss your requirements including what projections you need, the projection time frame, the regions to be covered, and the level of granularity. We will write you a proposal detailing our approach, project time frames and costs, and the project team. Upon your acceptance of the proposal, we will deliver the project outputs on time and to budget.