Infometrics sector and industry profile

Sector Profiles

Understand your industry/sector

Our Sector Profiles provide you with a wealth of latest information on your industry or sector via our interactive and easy to use web-platform. The profiles are perfect for industry associations, local authorities, large businesses and tertiary education organisations.

You and your staff can focus on analysis instead of collecting data from several places, the majority of which are likely to measure different things over different time periods.

Deeper insights

Sector Profiles can provide you with:

  • Annual estimates of employment trends, occupational trends (to 1000 categories), GDP and earnings
  • Forecasts of future employment demand in your industry
  • Information about the number of businesses and business size
  • Characteristics of workers including age, gender, ethnicity, hours worked, country of birth and highest qualification
  • An overview infographic and downloadable summary PDF report

Customised sector definitions and geographical coverage

We have developed a unique method for defining sectors – by defining them in terms of both industries and occupations.

For example, suppose for argument’s sake your focus was on Accountancy.  In this instance, we could capture data on people working within accounting-related industries, such as Accounting Services, as well as individuals who are employed in an accountancy role in a non-accounting industry (eg. an accountant employed by a large building company).

Once we have defined your sectors, we can then define the geographical coverage of your sector(s). Sectors can be defined at a national, regional and territorial authority level, or using customised regions.

This level of flexibility in defining sectors and their geographical coverage sets us apart from other economic consultancies.

Helping tertiary education organisations

  • Undertake current and future programme development
  • Engage with industry and employers
  • Support investment planning with TEC
  • Perform self-evaluation and External Evaluation and Review (EER)
  • Undertake planning and workforce development

Helping industry associations, businesses and local authorities

  • Understand current workforce characteristics
  • Support advocacy and lobbying
  • Undertake planning and workforce development
  • Inform members, stakeholders and community groups

How to get your sector profile

Infometrics can quickly set up sector profiles to meet your needs. We will work with you to define your sectors and provide you with logon details to access your profiles via the web.

View a sample: Accountancy profile

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