Infometrics Transport Forecasts

Transport Forecasts

Understanding the changes that affect future demand in the transport sector

Infometrics transport forecasts have long been the first port of call for decision-makers and analysts with an interest in the outlook for the transport sector.  Our economists help businesses and public organisations understand how key trends in economic, financial, and industry-specific indicators are shaping the risks and opportunities afforded to organisations operating in the broader transport sector.

Who uses our transport forecasts?

Our transport clients come from a number of different backgrounds, across both public and private sector interests.  Some clients have a background in roading and civil construction, while others, such as car distributors and fleet operators, are interested to understand how demand for cars and commercial vehicles is evolving.  Infometrics transport forecasts can also help freight operators understand broader cost drivers and what will drive future demand for their services.

A wide range of topics

The Transport Forecast reports provide in-depth analysis of many of the key factors driving vehicle sales, including transport costs and prices, financial indicators, trade volumes, and tourism. From this base, detailed forecasts are prepared for both new and imported used car registrations, as well as light commercial and heavy truck registrations. An analysis of trucking activity levels is also given to highlight the intensity with which the existing fleet is being used.

More than just forecast reports

In addition to the release of our transport forecast reports, transport subscribers also receive monthly commentaries which cover the latest car and commercial vehicle registration data, activity level data (including road user charges and diesel sales), and related economic data. Furthermore, subscribers can find periodic articles relevant to the transport sector on our website.

Telephone support

Subscribers to our forecasting service also encouraged to call our economists and use them as a sounding board for quickly coming to grips with economic issues of relevance to your organisation.  Small chats over the phone are included as part of your annual subscription.


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