Customer reviews

The Skills Organisation

“Gareth presented information about our sectors in an enlightening and engaging way.  The economic insights were tailored to our industries and helped us shape our strategic and operational plans.”

– The Skills Organisation

BCITO - Building and Construction Industry Training Organisation

“Infometrics do an awesome job for the BCITO, and they are a very important part of our business. We have worked with them for many years and built a strong working relationship with the Infometrics team. Their knowledge, expertise and the way they make data so easily accessible are key reasons why their service works for BCITO.

The Infometrics team have comprehensive knowledge of the construction sector and their building forecasts help us understand the environment in which we operate. Their collaborative approach results in an excellent understanding of construction sector drivers, and provide us with a solid basis for future planning.

One of the things we really love about Infometrics is the informative and topical way information is presented. They take the time to ensure key messages make sense to our wider readership. In addition to written / web material, we incorporate Informetrics into industry and BCITO presentations. These opportunities to interact with the Infometrics team are highly valued with our people taking the opportunity to tap into their considerable economic knowledge.

The Infometrics Sector Profiles are vital for our business and make our lives so much easier. They bring together a vast array of information for each of the 15 construction sectors that we operate in. The Profile Tool is easy to use and we wish they had been developed years ago.”

– Greg Durkin, Group Manager Stakeholder Engagement, BCITO


“At NorthTec we have found the use of the data we have got from Infometrics of critical importance in providing us with reliable and valid data. It has helped support anecdotal and qualitative data to drive evidence based strategic decisions. We have already used much of the data with other government agencies to drive better decision making.”

– Khalid Bakhshov, Director of Education Strategy, NorthTec


“After being given a taste of what the tool has to offer, our Industry Managers can’t wait to get their hands on the full version.

One regional manager described the information available for his sector as ‘pure gold’”.

– Senior Manager, Competenz

Packaging Council of New Zealand

“You think you know your sector, then you get the sector profile – and you really know your sector”.

– Sharon Humphreys, Chief Executirve, Packaging Council of New Zealand

Infometrics Economic & Labour Market Research

Professional IQ College

“Professional IQ College is a small PTE and being able to have the depth of sector information available has been hugely valuable in forecasting student enrolments and employment growth for profiling our sector.”

– Lesley Southwick, Principal, Professional IQ College

Infometrics Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

Hairdressing Industry Training Organisation (HITO)

“Knowledge is power and the data from Infometrics gives us this in terms of better knowing business and employment trends in our regions”

– Erica Cumming, Chief Executive, HITO

Infometrics Sector/Industry Seminars

A consultant involved in qualifications accreditation

“The profiles are a game changer – the most exciting thing I have seen in this space”

– EER Consultant