Features & benefits

Infometrics Sector Profiles take the presentation of New Zealand industry and sector specific economic and employment data to a new level using a dynamic and interactive web-based interface.

Our unique approach to defining sectors

Infometrics has developed a unique method for defining sectors. We can define sectors in terms of industries and/or occupations. For example, suppose for argument’s sake your focus was on Accountancy.  In this instance, we could capture data on people working within accounting-related industries, such as Accounting Services, as well as individuals who are employed in an accountancy role in a non-accounting industry (eg. an accountant employed by a large building company). Once we have defined your sectors, we can then define the geographical coverage of your sector(s). Sectors can be defined at a national, regional and territorial authority level, or using customised regions. This level of flexibility in defining sectors and their geographical coverage sets us apart from other economic consultancies.

Rigorous analysis using robust data

Infometrics are leaders in the generation of industry and regional economic information. Our database brings together numerous sources of information, as well as our own independent industry and regional employment and GDP estimates, into a single database. We draw on this comprehensive resource and present analysis that will complement your own sector insights and help you benchmark yourself across other sectors.

Cost-effective and innovative

Through the innovative use of technology, we speed up the preparation of reports at a very reasonable cost. Leave the data collection to us and let your staff concentrate on strategic issues. Handy infographics that you can automatically generate from our system are perfect for setting the scene at your next meeting.

Our skills and expertise

Infometrics specialises in making datasets and models accessible through interactive web-based profiles. There is however, more to Infometrics than profiles and data. Infometrics has a team with extensive knowledge and expertise in labour market, forecasting, tertiary education, and regional economic development. We are experienced at working with clients to identify needs and tailoring solutions to meet those needs. Talk to Shaun Twaddle Request a demo