How do I use it?

Our Sector Profiles are ideal for better understand your workforce, workforce planning, developing national and regional sector specific strategies and helping to identify current and future skill needs. Our products empower users with the information to focus on the areas that are of interest to them, not us.

Users can define their sectors in terms of detailed industry and/or occupation classifications for the areas (national, regional and territorial authority) that they are interested in. Depending on the subscription level, Sector Profile subscribers can choose to make parts of their profile publicly available as a service to stakeholders. The ability to create customised profiles to fit users actual needs sets us apart from our competitors.

Infometrics Sector Profiles allow users to answer questions about their sector(s) and subsectors. For example, considerable detail can quickly be gleaned on a customised sector, including:

  • GDP and employment growth
  • The occupational makeup of a sector and how this has changed over time
  • Demographic characteristics of workers in a sector
  • Business numbers, size and trends
  • Detailed forecast employment growth
  • Earnings prospects of people in a sector

Our annual industry and Sector Profile products are available on a subscription basis. The products are web-based, meaning that subscribers can gain access wherever they are. Data is dynamic and interactive, with charts and reports available to be downloaded for further analysis. Infometrics staff are available to support clients use our products as well as interpret data and trends.