Who is it for?

Infometrics sector products and services are used by a diverse range of national and regional clients who are looking to better understand their current and future workforce requirements. We take the leg work out of collecting data and formulating base-line understandings of your sector so that analysts in your organisation can focus more time on providing strategic advice on issues that matter.

Our web-based economic visualisation and analysis system is ideally suited to providing a solid evidence base to tertiary education organisations to support programme and qualification development, investment planning, self-evaluation and engaging with employers and community.

Industry associations have found our sector profile products extremely useful in terms of better understanding their current members, helping to identify potential future members and better understanding the workforce that they represent. Industry association members can also benefit by being able to access our profiles via their association.

As our sector profiles are available down to a territorial authority level, enabling regional authorities to use the detailed information to inform the development of regional sector specific strategies.

Our innovative web-based regional economic visualisation and analysis systems have become the benchmark for understanding what makes New Zealand’s sectors and regional economies tick.

Infometrics’ handy infographics and frank seminars can also help set the agenda for your next meeting or workshop. We provide an independent and knowledgeable viewpoint on sectors, nationally and regionally and how they are affected by the macroeconomy.