Understanding small parts of local economies
Wed 27 Apr 2016 by Benje Patterson in RegionalNewsletter

One of the more frequent requests we get from regional clients is for more information about the structure and performance of small parts of their local economy. This request is no surprise given that territorial authority level data can often mask vast differences in fortunes of towns and communities within districts. For this reason, we have developed small area profiles that give decision makers in the provinces the ability to get detailed economic and social insights of each small area within their jurisdiction.

The building blocks of the small area profiles are area units, which clients are able to aggregate together to create customised local areas that accord with townships and communities of interest.

The profiles combine Infometrics’ proprietary estimates of GDP and employment together, with a wide range of business demography data, in an interactive web-framework. A PDF summary report is also available for download. The small area profiles have a similar look and feel to what we have developed for Auckland’s local boards. An example profile of Wellington’s CBD can be found here.

If you want to further your understanding of a community or small part of your local area, then get in touch with Benje Patterson ( for more information.

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