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New Board Appointments at Infometrics

Economics consulting firm Infometrics is pleased to announce new appointments to their board of directors, and a new chair of the board.

Dr Amanda Lynn will take over as independent chair, with Chris Whelan and Brad Olsen appointed as new board members.

“We welcome the changes to the Infometrics board and the energy that Dr Lynn, Chris, and Brad will bring in their new roles,” says Infometrics Managing Director Andrew Whiteford.

“We also farewell Andrew Gawith as the independent chair. Andrew co-founded Infometrics in 1983 and has served in various roles including Managing Director, Independent Director, and Independent Chair. He has had a deep commitment to Infometrics, and we thank him for nearly four decades of vision, leadership, and strategic guidance.”

Dr Amanda Lynn takes over the position of Independent Chair, having served as an independent director for the last two years. She brings a deep understanding of the economic consulting environment and a strong commercial focus.

Chris Whelan has been appointed as an independent director. He strengthens our board with his international experience in regional economic development and business strategy.

Brad Olsen is our youngest appointment to the board. He brings a young and energetic vision to the board, a high public profile, and ensures good staff representation at the top level.

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