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New analysis from Infometrics, commissioned by Foodstuffs New Zealand, showcases the increasing cost of grocery supply as inflationary pressures build for suppliers. The new Infometrics-Foodstuffs New Zealand Grocery Supplier Cost Index (GSCI) measures the change in the cost of grocery goods charged by suppliers to the Foodstuffs North and South Island cooperatives. Read

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New Zealand’s economy might just be able to avoid a recession this year, according to the latest forecasts published by Infometrics, but the bulk of the economy will feel like it is going through a contraction anyway. Economic growth will only remain in positive territory thanks to the impending revival of the tourism sector, and profitability for domestically focused businesses will be heavily eroded by continued cost pressures and a drop-off in revenue as consumers go into their shells. Read

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This year looks to be the worst time for potential first-home buyers trying to get into the housing market since 1957, according to new research into housing affordability from Infometrics. Read


Economic momentum stalled at the start of 2022, as Omicron limited economic activity. Infometrics’ March 2022 Quarterly Economic Monitor shows economic activity rose 2.0%pa in the quarter on provisional estimates, with underlying growth flat from last quarter as workers and materials became even harder to find at the start of 2022. Read

Media release - April 2022 Forecasts

The latest forecasts published by Infometrics show that the New Zealand economy has become stretched to breaking point, with demand pumped to unsustainable levels by monetary and fiscal stimulus over the last two years. This support for the economy was implemented in the expectation of a major recession caused by COVID-19. But with supply constraints and disruptions a more persistent outcome from the pandemic, the consequences of excess demand are now becoming all too evident. Read

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Economic activity staged a comeback in the December 2021 quarter as Delta restrictions were gradually eased at different times across the country, with mixed results seen across regional economies. Infometrics’ December 2021 Quarterly Economic Monitor shows economic activity rose 2.8%pa in the quarter on provisional estimates, with delayed demand after the Delta restrictions being unleashed, and a reasonable summer being enjoyed across many local economies. Read

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The emergence of Omicron promises that 2022 will be another year of disruption for the New Zealand economy. The latest forecasts published by Infometrics show the Red “traffic light” setting knocking 1-2 percentage points off GDP during the first half of this year. Alongside government restrictions on the hospitality and events sector, spiking case numbers are likely to increase households’ Hesitancy Of Going Out (HOGO) and result in softer economic outcomes, as suggested by recent falls in consumer confidence. Read


New analysis from leading economic consultancy Infometrics finds that the Omicron outbreak in COVID-19 will disrupt New Zealand’s economic recovery. Exploring Omicron’s potential economic impact on New Zealand identifies a range of key challenges New Zealand is expected to face during the Omicron outbreak, including limits on events and hospitality activity, high levels of workers off work, and difficulties finding some goods. Read

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Regional economies saw a sharp fall in activity as Delta hit, but strong fundamentals have enabled the New Zealand economy to maintain its momentum with strong exports, higher building activity, and more Kiwis in work. Read

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Confidence remains that the New Zealand economy can weather the Delta outbreak and bounce back strongly again from lockdown, according to Infometrics’ latest economic forecasts. Infometrics predicts that household spending will once again be in “catch up” mode when alert level restrictions are eventually eased. Business confidence also shows that, overall, firms remain optimistic about a return to normal. Read