Media Release: Infometrics donates to Cyclone Gabrielle fundraising campaign

Infometrics is donating $10,000 to the Cyclone Gabrielle Community Support fundraising campaign organised by Stuff, to support those local communities shattered by the devastating effects of the cyclone.

“Our hearts go out to those across the North Island who have had their lives turned upside down by Cyclone Gabrielle. We want to do our bit to support locals to get the support they urgently need and start to recover,” says Infometrics Chief Executive and Principal Economist Brad Olsen.

“Infometrics works across a wide number of local organisations across the regions, examining economic trends and delivering economic insights to local decision makers, councils, economic development agencies, businesses, and more.”

“Those affected are the same people we work with. They’re our clients, our friends, and our family. We know that local economies, but most importantly, local communities, have been hit hard.”

“I’ve personally visited a number of these areas before the Cyclone and had the time of my life seeing local businesses and communities in action. We’ve seen how strong those local bonds are, and we also know how important they become during challenges like these.”

“We are grateful for the efforts of responding agencies across the country who are pouring everything they can to the affected areas. But we’re most proud to see locals supporting locals.”

“We can’t wait to get back into these local areas, when the time is right, to understand the challenges ahead, and provide our support to inform decision makers and communities about what lies ahead.”

“We urge other businesses who have the means, to step up where they can too and help.”

The fundraising campaign from Stuff can be accessed at:


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