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Building Forecasts (Building & Property)

Informing you about property and construction activity throughout New Zealand

Infometrics building forecasts have long been the first port of call for decision-makers and analysts with an interest in the outlook for the construction sector.  Our suite of web-based products give you a greater depth of information and a fresh look that brings the data to life.

In-depth coverage of building and relevant economic trends

The Building Forecasts provide coverage of the economic drivers behind building activity, including population growth, interest rates, and activity in the property market. From this base, we develop detailed forecasts of both residential and non-residential construction. There is discussion of specific trends for subsectors such as apartments, residential alterations, and a range of seven non-residential building types from commercial to hospital building.

General trends in infrastructure investment are also part of a standard subscription, while detailed decompositions of the infrastructure investment pipeline over the next ten years, including project details, can be obtained as an optional add-on.

Interactive web-based reporting

Our national forecasts are web-based, with everything you need on one landing page so that you will be able to get an overview of the outlook for the construction industry at a glance. Without navigating away from the landing page you will be able to drill into each topic, giving you a deeper understanding of the drivers of both residential and non-residential construction in New Zealand.

Our web-based delivery allows the information to be shared company wide. Printed reports run the risk of being lost or overlooked, but now your whole team can work from the same comprehensive data source, which will improve productivity.

To a fine level of regional detail

We have also included a regional component to the forecasts. We have built models which estimate the future population growth of each territorial authority and what this means for the demand for housing and other building types. Our regional forecast product is data rich. You are able to focus in on a region or district and look at the historical trends of building consents and work put in place by the various types of building. Furthermore, you can look into the future and identify construction growth spots around the country, and define and save customised regions that align with your business areas. We have made sure that you can interact with data by including dynamic charts and tables.

More than just forecast reports

In addition to forecasts Infometrics website also includes regular commentaries on the latest building-related data, as well as general articles relevant to the building and property sector. There is a data download function that enables you to download a time series of all the important construction indicators.

Telephone support

Subscribers to our forecasting service also encouraged to call our economists and use them as a sounding board for quickly coming to grips with economic issues of relevance to your organisation.  Small chats over the phone are included as part of your annual subscription.


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