Covid-19: Economic Insights and Response
COVID-19 Economic Insights and Forecasts

The COVID-19 pandemic is an unprecedented challenge to both the New Zealand and global economies. Infometrics is working to provide insights and forecasts into how the pandemic, and related responses to the pandemic, are affecting New Zealand’s national economy, industries, and regional economies. Since New Zealand entered lockdown in March 2020, we have been regularly delivering articles, webinars, reports and presentations looking at different aspects of the pandemic’s effect on such things as international trade, consumer spending, immigration and tourism.

How can the COVID-19 economic insights and forecasts be used?

Our COVID-19 economic insights and forecasts are an essential input into your planning processes and can be used by managers and councillors in local government, decision makers in central government, economic development professionals, tertiary education providers and business owners to evaluate the local and national industry effects of the pandemic and determine the appropriate response.

How can the COVID-19 economic insights and forecasts be accessed?

Many of Infometrics' COVID-19 economic insights are available to the public. If your organisation subscribes to Infometrics products or services, please Log In to access subscriber-only information.

Infometrics COVID-19 advice for decision makers

Infometrics is committed to providing the best and most robust economic insights into how the COVID-19 pandemic and responses will effect local areas, and stands ready to provide specialist advice to decision makers about the economic implications of COVID-19 and possible responses to support local economies.

To request additional local insights and support for decision making, please contact Managing Director Andrew Whiteford or Principal Economist Brad Olsen

Impact of COVID-19 on regional economies

Infometrics has detailed COVID-19 Regional Reports available . These reports cover the likely economic impact of COVID-19 on regional economies, and our views of the macroeconomic conditions and outlook for the New Zealand economy. Contact us for more information.

COVID-19 cases chart

This chart, which Infometrics will update daily, tracks the total number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in selected countries, on a per-million population basis to allow for comparability.

COVID-19 articles

Infometrics has published a range of insight pieces on the pandemic, and the economic effects.

Media coverage of COVID-19

Infometrics has also provided significant evidenced-based insights on the COVID-19 pandemic, and the responses to the pandemic, from an economic viewpoint. During times of uncertainty and crisis, it is important that the business community, and wider society, have access to easily understood and factual analysis.

Principal Economist Brad Olsen is leading Infometrics’ COVID-19 media communications, and is available for comment on +64 21 253 5646 or

As economists, we focus on examining the economic effects of policies, and provide advice based on current settings. In doing so, economists should and do stay clear of commenting too broadly on actual pandemic planning and actions, leaving that to health experts who are best placed to provide expert views. For the latest advice from the New Zealand Government, please go to

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