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Kaipara values Infometrics’ input

"I have been impressed by the products and services provided by Infometrics. I have valued Infometrics staff being available to answer questions about the data when these have arisen.

My primary concern about purchasing this product was the cost and the extent to which it would be useful to my Council. Infometrics provides a wealth of data which can go beyond what my Council needs to inform its decisions. However Infometrics has assisted us to make much of this information publicly available on our website. This puts this information at the fingertips of our ratepayers who ultimately fund our purchasing this product. In this way our ratepayers are able to use Infometrics data to inform their local business and investment decisions.

Possibly the most useful product has been the Quarterly Economic Monitors which give “year to date” information. These easily feed into our quarterly reporting and give us a regular update on how our District’s economy is tracking. This includes indicators such as guest nights and population change. The breakdown of which industries have contributed most to GDP and employment growth are useful to give a picture of which industries are struggling and which are thriving in our District.

The regular newsletter provides interesting articles, some of which are relevant to my Council.

I would recommend Infometrics services to other territorial authorities and major enterprises. It would be useful if the Quarterly Economic Monitors included more analysis explaining possible reasons for, or links between trends. What analysis is currently provided is valued. It would also be useful to get a breakdown on key indicators for different parts of our District. This would allow us to see how different areas are faring."

– Mark Schreurs, Policy Analyst, Kaipara District Council

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