Infometrics supports Got a Trade? Got it Made! campaign

Infometrics is proud to once again sponsor the Got a Trade? Got it Made! campaign.

Got a Trade? Got it Made! focuses on raising awareness of training and career opportunities in New Zealand’s trades and services. The campaign culminates in a dedicated awareness week on 21-27 August that will speak to young people, key influencers, including parents, teachers and careers advisors.

“Around 90,000 young Kiwis aged 15 to 24 years are not in employment, education or training (NEET). Young people who have been NEET are more likely to have poorer economic and social outcomes later in life and hinder wider economic growth” says Infometrics Director, Shaun Twaddle.

“Repositioning the trades and services as the ‘Plan-A’ career paths in the minds of young people will not only change their outlook, but reduce the chances of these people becoming NEET.  For this reason, the campaign will be strongly supported by local authorities and tertiary education organisation.”

“Infometrics believes Got a Trade? Got it Made! campaign has an important role to play in energising marginal youth about potential trades and services.  Over the coming months we will be supporting the campaign with data and information to ensure that key messages provided to young people and their families are based on evidence.”

For more information about the Got a Trade? Got it Made! campaign, visit: 

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