Infometrics February newsletter
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February 2018

This month we have updated our Regional and Sector profiles, hot on the heels of our latest round of Construction and Transport forecasts.

In this newsletter Gareth Kiernan takes a look at how optimistic local councils are about the employment outlook for their area, and gives an overview of Infometrics' forecasts.

Benje Patterson advises on the Top 10 tips for maintaining your financial well-being.

We conclude with an interview with Daniel Sun, a software developer with a keen interest in economics.

Around the country, what growth issues are on people’s minds?
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We have recently conducted a survey of local councils across the country to gauge how optimistic they are about the employment outlook for their area. The survey asked people involved with economic development in councils about their perceptions of employment growth prospects in their area over the next one and four years.
New Zealand’s economic outlook turns
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Economic growth during 2018 is set to fall short of previous expectations, according to Infometrics’ latest forecasts. Infometrics sees economic growth slowing from 3.0%pa currently to 2.6%pa in early 2019, contrasting with the forecaster’s previous expectation of accelerating growth during 2018. “Labour capacity constraints in the residential construction sector, changes in central government’s infrastructure priorities, and slightly disappointing dairy prices will all weigh on growth this year,” says Infometrics Chief Forecaster Gareth Kiernan.
Ten ways to kickstart your financial health
This Top 10, by Benje Patterson, explores ways of getting into financial health and avoiding debt-traps from spending increases to your home’s ratings valuation.
A day in the life of an economic software developer – Daniel Sun
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This month we revisit our article series exploring what makes economists, and those who work in economics, tick. Daniel Sun was born in China and grew up in Auckland and Christchurch. He has a lively interest in New Zealand and Global economics and current affairs. We ask Daniel about how he came to work for Infometrics and what he sees in our technology driven future.