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May 2018

There has been no shortage of big news in the last few weeks. Globally, we watch with trepidation as things unfold on the Korean peninsula and in the United States.

Here in New Zealand the news is no less troubling.  Brad Olsen takes a look at the seemingly unstoppable rise in fuel prices. Mieke Welvaert explores how much of a threat Mycoplasma bovis is to our farming economy and Paul Barkle examines the cost of the government’s tertiary fees free policy.

Looking into the future Shaun Twaddle announces the release of Infometrics’ Megatrends Report at the Industry Training Federation conference on 26 June.  This report will assist strategists and planners in understanding how megatrends will shape the New Zealand workforce.

And to end on a high note, Andrew Whiteford puts Wellington in the spotlight: not only ranked as the most livable city by Deutsche Bank, two years running, but also still New Zealand’s most creative city according to Infometrics’ Creativity Index.

Rising fuel prices threaten to squeeze economic growth
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Motorists have been incensed this week, with the price of 91 octane petrol heading over $2.30/l in some parts of the country. Increased fuel prices aren’t yet at the highest (real) levels we’ve ever seen – but they’re close. Based on the unrest in the Middle East, fuel prices might remain elevated for some time. This will hurt more than just the classic Sunday drive, with airfares, freight costs, and eventually goods prices also needing to increase to cover higher fuel bills.
Giving eradication our best shot means supporting farmers all the way
Mycoplasma bovis (M. bovis) is spreading fast in New Zealand and causing devastating effects for farmers. The Government this week announced an ambitious attempt to stamp out the disease, through mass culling and strict restrictions on farmers. M. bovis causes a wide range of problems in cattle, ranging from pneumonia to arthritis. The government says they have a good shot at eradication… if they act now.
Fees-Free: Grades are out
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The tertiary education sector took a swift turn to the left in late 2017, as highlighted earlier this year with the implementation of the fees-free tertiary education policy. Half a year on, and what has the policy got to show for itself? A lot of money spent, not much change to student numbers, and a complete lack of targeting skills needs.
What will NZ’s workforce look like in 20 years?
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On 26 June, Infometrics will release our take on key megatrends likely to affect the NZ and specific sectors at the Infometrics sponsored Industry Training Federation conference. The theme of this conference is ‘Skills in a Changing World’, which will bring together thought leaders from Government, industry, and the education system to consider these themes at global, national, local, and workplace levels.
Chart of the month: New Zealand’s most creative city in 2017
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Chart of the month: not only is Wellington City the worlds’ most liveable city it is also New Zealand’s most creative. Infometrics has updated its Creativity Index for 2017 and Wellington retains the top spot.