Features & benefits

Subscribers to our Building & Property, and Transport forecasting service receive updated forecast reports in our user friendly web-based format. These NZ economic forecasting reports contain a balance between commentary decomposing our central view and risks around it, as well as charts and tables.

In addition to our regular forecasts, we provide same day notification and explanation of key data releases relevant to each industry, all of which is available on our client website. We also shed light on the current economic backdrop via weekly commentaries and periodic subscriber articles.

Subscribers who want forecasts for other sectors or want to receive regional NZ economic forecasts can elect to receive this information via our regional and sectoral reporting framework.

Subscribers are encouraged to call our economists if they need a sounding board – small chats over the phone are covered as part of your annual subscription. If your team needs a more detailed look at an issue, we can prepare tailored reports or consulting projects to meet your specifications.