Infometrics offers a range of economic forecasting services that provides insights into future NZ economic and business trends. These are presented in straightforward language that is easy to understand. Access to our detailed NZ economic and industry information can give an organisation a competitive advantage when assessing opportunities, risks and challenges.

Our forecasts are detailed and extensive. We understand the NZ economy and have a proven track record in forecasting, specialising in data analysis, modelling, and econometrics. Infometrics offers comprehensive subscriptions to our Building & Property, and Transport forecasting services,and an Infrastructure Pripeline Profile.

Visit our industry/sector or regional products and services pages if you require more customised forecasts that have been individually tailored to your specific industry or geographical area.

Infrastructure Pipeline Profile

Infometrics Infrastructure Pipeline Profile provides a rich source of information and data around the infrastructure sector, helping users understand where and what types of infrastructure is planned over the next decade.

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Infometrics presentations

Infometrics presentations are a cost-effective, informative and entertaining way to gain access to Infometrics economic data, analysis and insights. Our economists are available to travel to your premises, or we can engage with you virtually over Zoom or Teams.

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REPORT: From Education to Employment: Megatrends Report

From Education to Employment: Megatrends affecting NZ’s working environment report looks at key emerging trends that are likely to affect our working environment over the next 20 years. This report is a must read for strategists, planners, employers, tertiary education organisations and anyone interested in regional economic development.

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REPORT: Regional Hotpots

The Regional Hotspots report highlights what we believe to be some of the key growth regions for New Zealand over the next decade. For each hotspot growth area, we discuss the opportunities arising in these growth areas as well as potential challenges posed by growth in these areas.

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REPORT: Regional Perspectives

The Infometrics Regional Perspectives report provides an outlook for employment and economic activity across the regions of New Zealand over the next 2-5 years. The report highlights key industries, both positive and negative, affecting economic growth in the regions. It also examines some of the areas that are expected to be among the top performers and looks at their recipe for success.  This information will help your organisation plan for future growth around New Zealand.  

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