Infometrics has built a strong reputation for giving highly effect and engaging economic presentations that are based on our wealth consulting, analytical and forecasting work. Our seminars are tailored to clients’ requirements. We can present specific insights on your industry or region and help you understand how the macroeconomic context is shaping the risks and opportunities your organisation faces. Infometrics seminars provide useful economic insight that assist in policy, planning and strategic decision making. We can present to your team at a time and place to suit you – the timing may correspond with our forecast release date or fit in with your business plan. Our economists are experienced in presenting to both large and small audiences and well as different groups in businesses, from employees right through to boards and tailor our seminars accordingly. Our seminars are also very popular with industry groups and businesses wanting to inform and enhance relationships with stakeholders and customers.

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We work across a number of subject areas from macroeconomic forecasting and commentating to industry and regional analysis, and customised consulting projects.  Browse the various types of presentations we offer or come to us with your idea and book one of our talented team of economists for your next event.

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Features & benefits

Infometrics presentations and workshops are a cost effective way to gain access to Infometrics economic data and analysis, and set the scene at your next event, planning workshop or board meeting. Our economists are available to travel to you and present our views on economic issues in a seminar that will be tailored to suit your individual requirements.  Infometrics is independent of any vested interests so our economists are able to freely and frankly engage with their audience.

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How does it work?

Our economists have regularly scheduled roadshows presenting our latest macroeconomic research and reports.  We are also available to travel to your area and deliver presentations that have been customised to specific industries or regions of interest to your organisation.

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Who is it for?

Infometrics presentations are perfect for setting the scene at your next event, planning workshop or board meeting.  Our presentations are useful for keeping staff in the loop as to how the macroeconomic environment is affecting your business or organisation.  Many clients also commission our presentations for senior leadership or board meetings.  You may also choose to host a presentation for your own customers or stakeholders.

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Customer reviews

See what our clients have to say about economic presentations, seminars, and workshops by Infometrics economists.

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How to register?

Visit our events page to see if there is a seminar roadshow already planned that meets your needs.  You can also get in touch with one of our team to arrange a presentation that is customised to your specific requirements and delivered at a location of your choosing.

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