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Infometrics webinars, video presentations, and online communications

As we come to terms with the COVID-19 pandemic and associated government responses, there will be a lot of questions about the economic implications. Infometrics is working on several initiatives to help local decision makers, businesses, and wider society with evidenced-based information and analysis.

Infometrics has already prepared a range of insights on COVID-19, many of which have been sent to clients. These insights are now available to the public, and for clients to share with others in their community on our COVID-19 page here: https://www.infometrics.co.nz/product/covid-19-economic-insights-and-response/

We will be hosting regular webinars (web seminars) for our clients. Webinars are video presentations hosted online, where our economists will present their views on the current situation and host Q&A sessions.

We will notify clients via email about each webinar, as they will be tailored to different organisation types. These events will be free-of-charge.

If your organisation would like to book a tailored Webinar, focused on your local area, sector or industry, we have time slots available. There will be a cost for a custom briefing, but this cost is only to cover the time for our economists to tailor their insights to your local area or sector.

If you are interested in booking a custom briefing, and want more information, please click here.

As economists, we focus on examining the economic effects of policies, and provide advice based on current settings. In doing so, economists should and do stay clear of commenting too broadly on actual pandemic planning and actions, leaving that to health experts who are best placed to provide expert views. For the latest advice from the New Zealand Government, please go to covid19.govt.nz

Visit our COVID-19 page

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