Infometrics Regional Economic Profile

Regional Economic Profile

Profiling your local area’s economy and labour market

Infometrics’ online Regional Economic Profile provides an in-depth description of your region or district’s economic structure and performance over the past year and previous years.  It takes the presentation of regional economic data to a new level in New Zealand, combining a comprehensive, robust set of economic data with a dynamic and interactive web-based interface.  The Toolkit is also available behind the scenes for in-depth analysis.

The Regional Economic Profile enables you to:

  • Make evidence based decisions with robust data and analysis
  • Answer questions about your region with confidence
  • Showcase your region to the world
  • Leave the data collection to us and let your staff concentrate on strategic issues
  • Available for all territorial authorities and regions in NZ
  • The tables and charts are dynamic enabling you to drill down into an extensive economic database
  • Behind-the-scenes tools give staff additional insights, such as customised industry reports and event impact analysis

Our clients tell us that the Regional Economic Profile gives them an understanding of their region’s economy that was not possible before, with the interactive nature of the framework particularly valued.

Infographics and hard copy reports can also be downloaded, which make for great handouts at your next meeting or, when purchased separately, are a cost-effective way of gaining access to Infometrics regional data and analysis.

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