Features & benefits

Infometrics’ economic consulting analysis is innovative, rigorous and robust with strong theoretical and empirical foundations. The analysis also reflects the realities of applied policy and decision making. Our findings and recommendations balance these dimensions so they are appropriate and relevant to the strategic environment in which they will be used.

For almost 30 years Infometrics has consistently provided independent and accurate analysis of New Zealand industries, its regions, and the broader economy. Our reports are presented in straightforward language that is easy to understand and our economists are on hand to guide you through the issues.

Sophisticated analytical tools

Infometrics’ consultants have expertise in a variety of quantitative tools that can be applied to analytical problems including principal component and regression techniques, structural time series analysis, general equilibrium modelling, and input-output analysis. Models are tailored to client-specific demands and provided to them in user-friendly spreadsheets.

Delivered in a format to meet your needs

Results can be delivered to you in a variety of formats, from spreadsheet-based models and PDF reports, to web-based analytical tools and infographics. Our economists can also help you engage with stakeholders by delivering presentations or leading sessions at planning workshops.

Robust NZ economic and labour market data

Infometrics has developed a regional and industrial database that is the most sophisticated in the market and our data has a number of points of difference over our competitors. The economic models used for consulting services build on, and are consistent with, the robust NZ and regional economic and labour market provided to subscribers of our regional, sector and forecasting products.

Our economic consulting team

Our economic consulting team has a wide range of skills and research interests, and a detailed understanding of the economic issues at work in New Zealand. We have a proven track record in both the private and public sectors, producing high quality economic consulting analysis and research that can give our clients a better understanding of the issues they face, and a competitive advantage. We deliver on time and within budget.

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