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Service IQ Regional Roadmaps

In August this year ServiceIQ, the Industry Training Organisation (ITO), for the aviation, hospitality, retail, travel, tourism and museums sectors, launched the first 10 in a series of 15 Service Sector Regional Roadmaps in the Grand Hall at Parliament. The roadmaps were launched by Associate Minister for Tertiary Education, Skills and Employment Hon. Louise Upston.  They link supply and demand for skills, better connect different parts of the tertiary sector, provide information to young people about where there are likely to be job opportunities, and ensure that there is a pipeline to meet future sector needs.  The employment, occupation, demographic and business data underpinning this work is supplied by Infometrics.

Infometrics Director, Shaun Twaddle, sat down earlier this week with the ServiceIQ Senior Workforce Development Advisor, Claire Byrne, and asked her a few questions about the regional roadmaps.

Shaun Twaddle: Why is ServiceIQ, an industry training organisation, developing regional road maps?

Claire Bryne: Part of ServiceIQ’s stated mission is to advocate on behalf of the industry for workforce development and provide national perspective and leadership.  We have a core role to provide information about industry skill demand – to increase the real power of learners, employers and industry, and to inform providers.  

ST: How are the regional road maps being received?

CB: The Roadmaps have been recognised as a great resource for employers and educators.  They have been launched in the regions around New Zealand to positive reviews.  Much of the feedback has been that this is exactly what is needed, it provides the information and direction to help the region make the best decisions.

ST: The road maps draw heavily on data from the Infometrics Sector Profiles.  How valuable is this?

CB: A key piece of this work is to provide accurate, up-to-date information and forecasts about the service sector in the region and we use Infometrics as the data source.  It is important for our stakeholders to understand what our current workforce looks like, the changes it is going through and forecasts for future employment.  This information is invaluable to support what industry perceives is happening and bring to light some of the trends, such as the service sector rate of growth and future employment needs.

ST: Does ServiceIQ use the Infometrics Sector Profiles for anything else?

CB: In addition to the Regional Roadmaps, ServiceIQ uses the Infometrics sector profiles in a variety of ways.  Published on our website are infographics giving an overview of each of our sectors.  We also use the Sector Profiles when developing plans and resources, responding to requests for information and in our business planning.

ST: What next?

CB: There are 5 more regional roadmaps to be completed by early 2018, and ServiceIQ will be engaging employers, educators and the community to implement the initiatives.

The published Regional Roadmap documents can be accessed and downloaded from the ServiceIQ website:

We thank ServiceIQ for their time and look forward to the release of the next five regional roadmaps.

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