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January 2015

We trust you’ve had a good break over Christmas and have been enjoying the summer weather.  Our first newsletter for 2015 includes our traditional “From the Beach” article, with our assessment of some important issues for the economy over the coming year.  The economy may not have quite the same momentum heading into 2015 as it did a year ago, suggesting that trading conditions might not be quite as rosy in the year ahead, but we’re far from doom and gloom about prospects for the next 12 months.

Also in our latest edition are a couple of opinion pieces we’ve written recently on student loans and fireworks.

From the beach 2015
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Key issues faced by New Zealand businesses this year include the flow-on effects from lower oil and dairy prices, while migration’s influence on the supply of labour and the housing market will also be important.
Dear Bill, please stop the student loan parasites
Inflation, slow repayments, and bad debts have led to $5.5bn worth of write-downs to the carrying value of outstanding student loan debt in the Government’s books. This is an open letter to Finance Minister Bill English, requesting that Mr English tightens student loan repayment criteria in order to minimise the costs of parasitic behaviour by graduates who exploit current repayment regulations.
Should we ban fireworks?
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Fireworks provide a lot of fun and entertainment to many New Zealanders, the majority of whom are largely responsible and considerate consumers. So rather than rehashing the same tired debate about "to ban or not to ban", let’s have a more intelligent debate about sensible regulations to minimise any harm caused by enjoying fireworks.
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