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May 2015

Staving off the winter chill

Colder weather has started to bite over the last week as winter draws nearer, but we've got plenty of economics to warm you up in our latest newsletter.  This month we cover a wide range of topics, stretching from the economic costs of a possible new greenhouse gas emissions target, to an update on the outlook for interest rates, as well as a number of areas of interest to local government.

We're also in the process of preparing our latest set of macroeconomic and industry forecasts, which will be available to clients on June 19.

Cost of an Emissions Target
Infometrics has recently been involved in estimating the economic impacts on New Zealand of participating in an international agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions over the period 2021 to 2030. We looked only at the cost of emissions mitigation to New Zealand, not at the effects (benefits) of avoided climate change. Actions by New Zealand will not affect global warming, but New Zealand may nonetheless wish to set an ambitious emissions reduction target.
Councils apply for Ultra-fast Broadband
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MBIE are currently providing the opportunity to local authorities to attract investment in in their communities through Ultra-Fast and Rural Broadband programmes. Infometrics can help councils with the data needed for their registration of interest (ROI).
Lifestyle the main draw card for small regions
During my time at Waikato University in the early 2000s I almost majored in Geography, before changing focus to Economics.  At that time, there was a lot of concern about “urban sprawl” and the fact that prime agricultural land was being gobbled up by development.  Lifestyle blocks were perhaps the biggest concern.  Some of the academic staff seemed to think that all the farmland within 30 minutes’ drive of Hamilton was destined to be carved up for lawns and gardens.
Public awareness of economic development
A recent LGNZ survey shows that 50% of people are unaware of their local council’s important role in helping co-ordinate economic development in their local area.
Welcome Aneta Bond to the Infometrics Team
Anita Bond joins us as the new Office Manager
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