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March 2017

It has been a busy month for Infometrics, we launched our Regional Perspectives report, as well as updated our Regional and Sector Profiles with 2016 data. Clients can now enjoy a spread of products that provide a comprehensive picture of trends in all regions and industries.

Andrew Whiteford examines the, often overlooked, impact of the creative sector on local economies.

We welcome Brad Olsen as our newest economist, who critiques the framework used to update estimates of the Living Wage.

We conclude with an interview with Maren Frerichs, General Manager of Industry Engagement at Skills Active.  She gives some valuable insights on their latest Workforce Scan and how this impacts on the sports and recreation sector.

85,000 new jobs for Auckland
wp-Regional Perspectives – media release
Auckland is New Zealand’s engine and is expected to outperform the national economy over the next four years, according to Infometrics Regional Perspectives report released today. The Infometrics Regional Perspectives report provides an outlook for economic conditions in New Zealand’s regions and industries over the next four years.
Which is New Zealand’s most creative city?
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According to our Boho measure of creativity, Wellington is New Zealand’s most creative city.   The Boho measures the proportion of a city’s workforce that is involved in creative and artistic occupations and industries. Professor Richard Florida popularised the Boho measure and argued that a vibrant artistic community is a necessary condition to attract talented people to fuel the knowledge economy.
Why the Living Wage isn’t all it’s cracked up to be
wp-Living wage
The Living Wage is heralded as “the income necessary to provide workers and their families with the basic necessities of life. A living wage will enable workers to live with dignity and to participate as active citizens in society.” However, beyond the ideological hype, the following questions remain;
Skills Active – using data to engage with industry
wp-Graphic_Maren Frerichs
Workforce scanning and development is a key role that Industry Training Organisations (ITOs) undertake.  Skills Active Aotearoa, the ITO for the recreation, sport and exercise industries released a comprehensive Workforce Scan late last year.  The workforce scan was led by Maren Frerichs, General Manager of Industry Engagement at Skills Active.  Shaun Twaddle, Infometrics Director, had a chat with Maren to find out why they put together the workforce scan and how they went about it.