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August 2017

With the General Election a month away, migration into New Zealand continues to be a hot topic.  Gareth Kiernan examines the figures and suggests they may be higher than most thought.  Follow the link in the article to our report “Migration: Informing the Debate”.

This month we introduce our youngest economist, Brad Olsen, with both an interview and an article he has written. Brad takes a look at the “Infometrics Misery Index” and attempts to pick who’s going to win the election.

The theme of “hot topics” continues with Gareth’s latest article on the Auckland housing crisis. He examines the numbers and concludes that we are not building anything like as many houses as we thought.

On a more up-beat note, Infometrics is once again proud to sponsor the “Got a Trade, Got it Made” campaign, as this offers real world solutions for young people choosing their career paths.

Net migration is even higher than you thought
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New research released this month by Infometrics suggests that we might currently be underestimating net migration by between 4,000 and 8,000 people per year. These figures imply that net migration could be closer to 80,000pa than the latest official measure of 72,300.
The economy’s strong Bill of health key to a fourth term government?
This election, we’ve brought back the Infometrics Misery Index, which looks at the state of the economy compared to previous New Zealand governments, to provide a sense test of how the electorate might be feeling in the lead-up to September 23.
Auckland’s housing crisis looks bigger than ever
Auckland Council’s estimate that only 6,260 new dwelling units were completed during 2016 earlier this week came as shock given previous indications of the amount of residential building activity taking place in the city. Consent numbers for Auckland in the last calendar year totalled 10,026, while Statistics NZ published figures earlier in July estimating that 7,872 dwellings were completed in the city during 2016.
Where could a trade take you?
It is Got a Trade Week, where a wide range of training and career opportunities in the trades and services industries are highlighted. But why focus on raising awareness of the trades and services industries?  Simply put, they are industries that we can’t afford to ignore.  Overall, they account for 75% of all employment in New Zealand!
A day in the life of an economist – Brad Olsen
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Brad Olsen has only just reached his 20s and he’s met Queen Elizabeth II twice! He’s our youngest economist and is already making his mark both at Infometrics and in youth politics. We chat with Brad about what a day in the life of an economist looks like…