Infometrics March newsletter
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March 2016

Our eagerly anticipated Infrastructure Pipeline Profile is now available through an interactive web-based framework.  This profile describes and analyses all large-scale infrastructure projects and spending in New Zealand over the next 1-10 years. 

We are cautiously optimistic for the economy over  the year ahead. This month’s newsletter takes a look at  Infometrics’ latest economic forecasts, as well as an article that outlines what’s making some of New Zealand’s best performing regions tick. 

The newsletter considers a couple of education-specific issues.  Shaun Twaddle discusses progress made in the education sector to factor in employment and productivity outcomes when designing courses, while Brad Olsen questions the adequacy of support under the student loan scheme.

Regions are more than one trick ponies
wp-Beach races
The chorus of complaint in regional New Zealand has subsided as evidence continues to emerge that most regions are performing pretty well. Despite the sky having fallen in on dairy for now, Infometrics’ latest Quarterly Economic Monitor has shown that our regional economies are far from one trick ponies.
Measuring outcomes in the Vocational Education and Training sector
Every January and February, tertiary education organisations are in the media offering well-meaning advice to school leavers about their options, whilst subtly (or not in some instances) trying to lead these young people to study with them.  This is often done by espousing the ‘student experience’ and the outcomes that each learner is likely to have once completed. This year was no different.
Striking a fair balance with student loans
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Tertiary study is an important part of many young people’s lives, mine included. It’s also an expensive part, requiring substantial funding from both the student and from the Government. But has the right balance been struck when it comes to the funding of tertiary students in New Zealand?