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November 2016

Last week Infometrics hosted a business breakfast to launch the Regional Hotspots report. The launch was a great success and we were delighted to connect with clients and new users in this way. The report is available to everyone and highlights the 10 metropolitan and 3 provincial areas where Infometrics forecasts population growth over the next decade. A link to the report is included in the newsletter article.

This month Gareth Kiernan examines the cost of repairing Kaikoura and what this means for the region. He also looks at the cost of commercial property in Auckland and the impact this is having on investment in this sector.

We pick up again on our regular article series “A day in the life of an economist” with an interview with Benje Patterson before he heads off to Queenstown and joins the growing number of New Zealanders who choose to work remotely from areas away from the large metropolitan centres. We wish him every success in the future.

Repairing Kaikoura: the size, the speed, and the cost of delays
Early estimates of the damage from the November 14 earthquake near Kaikoura put the possible cost of repair and rebuilding work at about $2bn.  This additional work comes at a time when the construction industry at a nationwide level, is already finding its capacity stretched.
Auckland headlines Infometrics’ Regional Hotspots report
With its population forecast to increase by 254% within the next decade, Hobsonville is the fastest-growing area in Infometrics’ Regional Hotspots report released 24 November 2016.
Is Auckland commercial property starting to look expensive?
The extended bull run of Auckland’s commercial property market is leading to questions about the sustainability of current price levels, both for existing owners and potential investors.  As we outlined in our last newsletter, the levels of commercial property yields in Auckland are low compared with other parts of the country.  But should these low yields make investors concerned?
A day in the life of an economist – Benje Patterson
Senior economist, Benje Patterson takes a keen interest in economic forces that affect our regions. He heads our Regional Service and gives insights to councils and industry leaders on the major trends and outlook for each region. We chat with Benje in our regular feature “A day in the life of an Economist” and ask him about his interest in regional New Zealand and how he was bitten by the travel bug.