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February 2020

This month David Friggens re-examines the data he used last year to make his popular population map of Auckland. He uses interactive technology to show just how big Auckland is compared to our other cities, as well as the ethnic diversity of Auckland compared to other regions.

Brad Olsen examines the impact of the global outbreak of COVID-19 on New Zealand. With New Zealand trade ties with China rising over recent years, Brad dives into the areas of risk and trade reliance.

We’ve recently updated our Regional Economic Profileswith data for the year to March 2019, and Brad’s second article looks at what this refresh shows for regional employment. Our new figures point to provincial employment growth beating urban employment growth for the first time since 2011!

And lastly, we round out with our regular Chart of the Month feature. Although roading infrastructure has stolen the limelight recently, Paul Barkle looks at water investment and points out that even though more spending is expected over the next decade, it might not be enough. 

Auckland is still big
wp-South Island vs Auckland
Back in August we noted that Auckland city (the urban area defined by Stats NZ) has as many people as the next 12 cities combined. We also showed a map dividing Auckland up into 12 areas with equivalent populations to the cities. Unfortunately, the map is now out of date as Stats NZ revised their population estimates in October.
Assessing the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak
wp-Gloves and mask
The emergence of a new coronavirus strand, COVID-19, has potentially upended both the global and domestic economic outlook for 2020. Although it’s still too early to fully evaluate how damaging the outbreak may be, early signs are for a much larger economic hit than first anticipated, with a growing risk that New Zealand could experience a recession in 2020.
Provincial employment growth rises faster than urban growth in 2019
wp-provincial worker
Infometrics’ recent Regional Economic Profiles refresh shows that employment in 2019 across provincial New Zealand rose at a faster pace than urban growth for the first time since 2011.
Chart of the Month: Priming the pump on water asset spending
wp-pipes in Wellington
The past decade has seen infrastructure investment in our three waters heavily watered down. Compounding the issue, over recent years, New Zealand has had surging population growth. The lack of investment, coupled with intense demand growth, has been placing huge pressure on our pipes.