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November 2020

Our November newsletter serves up a diverse selection of articles as we hurtle towards the end of 2020 (whew!). First up, Brad Olsen examines internal migration in New Zealand, with his analysis confirming that cities are losing people to the regions. Nick Brunsdon dovetails with this population discussion by diving into the wider migration trends evident across New Zealand. 

Alistair Schorn scans the current trade environment and the importance of exports to the economic outlook, following on from our client webinar on global activity and trade (webinar recordings are available on our website). 

Our September Quarterly Economic Monitor showed a strong rebound in economic activity across the regions, and Brad’s press release provides the highlights.

Infometrics Chief Forecaster Gareth Kiernan examines current regional building activity, drawing out some key trends that are emerging.

And finally, Brad revisits one of the more unusual data sources Infometrics has reported on – New Zealand’s dogs, and details where the pooch population is growing, in our Chart of the Month for November.

Kiwis shifting from cities to the regions
There’s been considerable talk in 2020 about people moving around the country as COVID-19 changes how people live, work, and play. We’ve never had complete and official data on how Kiwis are shifting across New Zealand, but Stats NZ has recently included some net internal migration data which provides a first cut of Kiwis mobility.
Trading our way out of trouble?
From the beginning of the COVID-19 recession, we’ve expected regions with large food-based primary sectors to weather the economic storm better than those that are highly exposed to international tourism.
Media Release: Strong rebound for regional economic activity, but path ahead remains uncertain
New Zealand’s economy rebounded strongly in the September quarter, with regional economies showing renewed strength as they get back on their feet. The latest Infometrics Quarterly Economic Monitor points to a surge in activity as the economy’s resilience saw businesses and consumers swing back into action after a substantial hit in the June quarter.
Keeping tabs on our changing population
The need to understand our changing population has been more important than ever, as an unexpected wave of migration rendered previous projections obsolete. This article explores how this migration wave changed our population, and our view of the future.
Wide regional variations in residential building
wp-RCO article
Residential construction activity has held up much better than expected since the economy went into lockdown in late March. Some areas have seen a strong burst of activity, but others have seen a softening in anticipated building levels. This article explores some of the emerging regional trends in consent numbers, with detailed regional forecasts of activity available as part of our Regional Construction Outlook.
Chart of the Month: Going to the dogs?
It’s been a long year with not a whole lot of cheery news, as COVID-19 upended plans and lives across the globe. In an attempt to bring some light-hearted fun as we hurtle towards the end of 2020, we’ve focused the Chart of the Month on some of our best friends: Dogs.