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May 2020

The resurgence of COVID-19 in the community has seen Auckland move back to Alert Level 3, and the rest of New Zealand move to Level 2 – both of which will have substantial economic ramifications. Tourism is again a key area of focus, and Nick Brunsdon looks into how domestic travel will respond.

Complementing our tourism analysis, Brad Olsen has looked at what the greater restrictions mean as New Zealand moves ahead, and how the wider economy is being impacted.

Our latest Quarterly Economic Monitor was released last week, providing the first comprehensive analysis of regional economic changes so far during the pandemic. Our high-level analysis shows a severe hit to the regions.

The Infometrics Board has some new faces and a new Chair, as we farewelled co-founder and former Chair Andrew Gawith.

For our Chart of the Month, Paul Barkle digs into where travellers who are still in New Zealand are situated.

And finally, we outline how to go about organising a presentation from Infometrics, to help inform decision makers and hear about the factors that will determine New Zealand’s future.

Fiscal cannon aims to flatten the economic curve
wp-Debt Image for Budget Article
Facing the greatest economic downturn in a century, Budget 2020 was always going to present a grim picture of rising unemployment, lower economic activity, and ballooning debt. But the Budget also lays a firm foundation for the economy to recover, with spending on areas needed to both respond to, and recover from, the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting economic downturn.
COVID-19: an opportunity for Māori to close the gap?
wp-Maori business
In the years since the Global Financial Crisis, New Zealanders have enjoyed consistent economic growth and Māori have earned their share of this. But on many key metrics, a clear gap between the economic fortunes of Māori and non-Māori remains.
COVID-19 and the Economics of Wellbeing
wp-Christchurch beach
For the past few months, the Infometrics team has been fully occupied with modelling the effects of the pandemic on the national economy, and on the local economies and individual operations of our clients. In this article, Alistair Schorn takes a closer look at Infometrics Wellbeing Framework developed in 2019 to evaluate the wellbeing of New Zealand’s communities.
Media Release: Tough times ahead for regional economies
wp-12473273 – tough times ahead sign with a gloomy sky background
The latest Infometrics Quarterly Economic Monitor shows the first signs of New Zealand’s economic slowdown as the COVID-19 pandemic and recession changes the way that businesses, households, and government operates.
A day in the life of an Economist – Alistair Schorn
wp-Venn diagaram_Alistair Schorn
Infometrics welcomes Senior Economist Alistair Schorn . Alistair joined Infometrics in February and it feels like a lot has happened since then!
(Ch)Art of the Month: Data into Art
wp-Vermeer data plot
One of the great things about working at Infometrics is the view of Wellington Harbour from our office window. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen it for over two months, and don’t expect to for a little while longer. So I thought I’d cheer myself up by recreating it in a scatterplot – more Art than Chart!