Infometrics September newsletter
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September 2021

We’re still counting the cost of the Delta Lockdown, but as Principal Economist Brad Olsen highlights in our lead article, the bounce back is on across the country, which is supporting our outlook for the New Zealand economy.

Brad also examines public transport usage, with Infometrics analysis showing that Monday is the most popular day to stay at or work from home, as Kiwis focus more than before on their personal kingdom.

With an increasing need for detailed and timely data, Managing Director Andrew Whiteford looks at the experimental administrative census recently unveiled by Stats NZ. It utilises an incredible level of data collected from New Zealanders and will be key to targeting support to enhance community outcomes.

Finally, Economic Assistant Lily Stelling makes her newsletter debut with a Chart of the Month examining how restaurant activity is going as the world starts to open up.

Counting the cost of the Delta Lockdown
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The bounce back from Lockdown 2.0 has begun, but the overall recovery has been restrained by Auckland remaining at higher alert levels. Auckland’s move to Level 3 is welcome news, with a larger amount of economic activity to take place. But risks remain for the pace of New Zealand’s rebound, with supply chain issues and the need to balance health and economic priorities creating a difficult set of choices.
Monday the most popular day to stay home
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The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about some fundamental changes to both New Zealand and the world – including supercharging a shift in working patterns and locations. Working from home first became a necessity during Alert Level 4 in April 2020, and the rush to equip businesses and workers to operate away from the office has sparked a trend that appears here to stay. The latest Level 4 lockdown has doubled down on this focus, as business sought to keep operations going. Offices and urban centres aren’t a thing of the past – not by a longshot. But as our analysis shows, New Zealanders are working, travelling, and spending differently.
Tracking progress from the cradle to the grave
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A fact that may surprise some New Zealanders is that their life is tracked and monitored by the government from the day they are born until the day they die.
Chart of the Month: The world heads out to dinner
COVID-19 restrictions are continuing to ease across the world as vaccination levels rise, permitting restaurants to reopen and consumers to dine. The hospitality sector, although battling to stay afloat with services such as contactless takeaways, has seen a strong recovery around the world as people begin to leave their homes again.