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November 2021

It’s another busy month as we head towards the summer holidays. But we also remain vigilant as New Zealand moves to the Traffic Light system later this week, and we continue to learn the Greek alphabet (from Delta to Omicron!)

Housing remains the other hot topic across New Zealand, and this month Principal Economist Brad Olsen has dug into the numbers to uncover what part of the country sees the highest number of First Home Grants to support First Home Buyers. And it’s not Auckland.

Economist Andrew Beattie analyses China’s economic performance and outlook as slower growth emerges and risks remains from the Evergrande financial concerns, and what that means for New Zealand trade.

Brad pops up again to discuss the latest regional economic outcomes in our media release on the September 2021 Quarterly Economic Monitor (QEM), finding that despite a setback from COVID-19, regional economies have been holding up well.

And finally, Technical Lead David Friggens compiles his list of maps created throughout November for the #30DayMapChallenge, what they show, and what new skills he’s had a chance to try out. Check out the pizza map for a new favourite way of displaying and consuming data…

Where in New Zealand gets the most First Home Grants?
New Zealand’s housing crisis continues to hinder efforts of young New Zealanders to get into a house. Affordability remains a key challenge for many areas, with house price growth far outstripping income growth over the past decade. There are some supports provided to enable young Kiwis into home ownership, such as the First Home Grant, but where gets the most support? As our analysis shows, Canterbury is the centre of New Zealand’s first home buyer support efforts, with a considerable level of First Home Grants going to purchases in the region.
(Ever)Grande old China and little New Zealand
China has become a posterchild for developing nations and having lifted hundreds of millions of people out of poverty, you can see why. Despite its authoritarian-style rule and being a greater champion of the state than the individual, China’s economy has done extremely well after adopting a more open economy and market-driven principals in the late 1970s. How long can this dream run for China’s “socialist market economy” go on for?
Media Release: Regional economies solid despite Delta setback
wp-QEM Sep 2021
Regional economies saw a sharp fall in activity as Delta hit, but strong fundamentals have enabled the New Zealand economy to maintain its momentum with strong exports, higher building activity, and more Kiwis in work.
Chart of the Month: A Month of Maps
wp-#30DayMapChallenge mosaic
This month I’ve been participating in the #30DayMapChallenge – an informal event organised online for geospatial and cartographic enthusiasts to learn, practice and “have fun”. There are 30 daily prompts to inspire, and anyone who wants to can just post to their preferred social media platform (eg Twitter, Instagram, …) with the hashtag. It’s a great opportunity to get creative and try new things, without the pressure to fully polish the outputs before sharing.