In our April 2021 newsletter, Economist Andrew Beattie takes a look at regional export trends over the last decade and what these trends can tell us about future progress. Speaking of trade, earlier in April we released our latest report – Food for thought – with Infometrics Chief Forecaster, Gareth Kiernan, highlighting the billions of untapped trade potential for New Zealand exporters using our Export Market Finder insights. All the details are in our media release alongside.

Senior Economist Brad Olsen examines New Zealand’s most creative city, and what trends the Infometrics Creativity Index has shown over the last two decades – spoiler, Wellington City still remains at the top of the list. Brad Olsen also explores what’s happening to inflation and what key drivers are expected to push prices higher in 2021, with housing and transport costs currently key contributors.

Our recent forecasts paint a more upbeat picture of the New Zealand economy, but as Gareth Kiernan points out, we’ll need to work hard to deliver that optimistic result. And to cap off the newsletter, David Friggens has enlisted some of the team to take part in the #30DayChartChallenge, so instead of one “Chart of the Month”, we’ve got 30 to show you as part of “Month of the Chart” (see what we did there?)

The shape of exports and how they shape us
What we export as a nation shapes us considerably. It influences the skills we develop, how the countryside looks, and how other countries view us. Our exports also shape our regions, with a typical Waikato scenery of rolling dairy country, Marlborough’s endless rows of grapes, and the Bay of Plenty with its tangled kiwifruit vines. We should then be very aware of what produce comes from each part of the country, as it not only shapes the local economy it shapes the entire landscape.
Media Release: Billions of untapped potential for New Zealand exports
New analysis from economic consultancy Infometrics reveals billions of dollars of untapped potential for Kiwi exporters for new markets and products across the globe.
New Zealand’s most creative city in 2020
Wellington City continues its run as New Zealand’s most creative city, according to the 2020 Infometrics Creativity Index. Wellington City has now topped the rankings for the last 20 years, with a still significant lead over other centres.
More inflation to come?
Headline inflation data for the March 2021 quarter showed prices rose 1.5%pa, in line with market expectations. However, the underlying trends for inflation remain difficult to judge, with temporary cost pressures likely to push inflation higher in the short term. But we remain of the view that the Reserve Bank will look through these pressures and won’t substantially change monetary settings for a while.
Media Release: Light at the end of the tunnel, but we need delivery
The roll-out of vaccines both in New Zealand and around the world is providing light at the end of the COVID-19 tunnel, but the coming year will still be a challenging one for the New Zealand economy, according to Infometrics’ latest forecasts.
Month of the Chart
Usually in our monthly newsletter we feature a single “chart of the month”, but this time we are featuring April as the “month of the chart” and making a chart for each day. Cédric Scherer and Dominic Royé have organised the #30DayChartChallenge on Twitter, inspired by the success of the similar #30DayMapChallenge, as a chance … Read more Month of the Chart