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May 2019

This month we focus on wellbeing and the release of the Infometrics Regional Wellbeing Framework. Senior economist Brad Olsen, who championed this release, discusses wellbeing and how this Framework can help communities better understand their local area and take action to improve outcomes.

On 11 June – two weeks after the government’s Wellbeing Budget – Infometrics is launching a report on regional wellbeing, in conjunction with the Wellington Chamber of Commerce event Measuring Wellbeing. Those in Wellington who are interested in the regional dimension of wellbeing are invited to register to attend.

Recent discussions with some employers have given us some interesting insights into the changing labour market, and with employment being a significant contributor to wellbeing, in ‘Employing the Unemployable’ Brad considers the choices businesses are currently facing when employing staff.

We introduce our new Data Analyst, Carl Hodder, who has been working on the Regional Wellbeing Framework (amongst other things).

Lastly, we take a look at whether sunshine hours are a useful indicator of wellbeing, in our regular Chart of the Month article.

Wellbeing: understanding local progress
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All eyes are on wellbeing this week, as Finance Minister Grant Robertson unveils the world’s first wellbeing budget. But the Government has been quiet as to wellbeing differs across New Zealand. At Infometrics we thought this was a massive gap that needed to be filled, so we developed a Regional Wellbeing Framework. This article outlines introduces our Regional Wellbeing Framework and provides a teaser to our forthcoming regional wellbeing report that will be released on 11 June.
Employing the unemployable
New Zealand’s labour market remains tight, with unemployment at 4.2% and businesses finding it difficult to source workers. At the same time, employment growth has slowed, and the Reserve Bank has stated that, in its view, “employment is near its maximum sustainable level”.
A day in the life of a Data Analyst – Carl Hodder
Carl Hodder has only been with Infometrics for a short time, but already he’s making an impact.  He is our new Data Analyst and works in all areas of the business with responsibility for the data pipeline. He is also involved in the development and delivery of our product offerings and takes a keen interest in enhancing the client experience.
Chart of the month: one sunny day…
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The Treasury hit headlines a month or two back when considering ‘sun and moon feelings’. While sun and moon feelings did not meet our criteria in when developing the Infometrics regional wellbeing framework, we thought it would be fun to shine the line sunshine hours to see what area came up trumps.