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March 2019

We join all of New Zealand, and the world, in mourning the tragic events of last Friday. A day that will be etched in pain on New Zealand's history, but will not change what New Zealand is. 

In this month's newsletter Brad Olsen takes a look at another vunerable sector of our society: those on the supported living payment, and why the SLP needs a re-think.

We introduce Merzan Wadia, a new economist on our team, with his article on New Zealand’s self-employment rate. You can read more about Merzan in our regular feature: A day in the life of an Economist.

Finally, Brad rounds out with our popular "Chart of the month" which looks at the unreliability of migration data.

Disabled people aren’t worth less than the old
One of the true tests of a society is measured by how it treats its most vulnerable members, particularly the old, the young, the sick, and the disabled. There is a lot of good with New Zealand and New Zealand policy. However, on assisting those unable to provide for themselves, our provisions for people unable to work due to a health condition is an area where we are increasingly failing.
Fall, rise and decline: the story of New Zealand’s self-employment rate
It is not uncommon to be self-employed in New Zealand, with 415,511 or 16.7% of the total workforce currently self-employed. That’s one self-employed worker for every six wage and salaried workers. New Zealand’s self-employment rate is high compared to other small advanced economies and the OECD average.
A day in the life of an Economist – Merzan Wadia
wp-Merzan_Venn diagram
Infometrics welcomes Merzan Wadia to our team of economists. Merzan’s article “Fall, rise and decline: the story of New Zealand’s self-employment rate” appears in our March 2019 newsletter.
Chart of the month: Migration estimates like playing darts blindfolded
It’s now been three months since Statistics NZ released new migration data based on traveller outcomes rather than intentions. And all we actually know for sure is that no one has any idea what is happening to migration any more. We’d do just as well to estimate next month’s migration figure by playing darts while blindfolded.