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July 2019

This month, we introduce Senior Economist Nick Brunsdon, who has recently joined our regional economics team. We’ve put him to work early, with Nick writing two articles for this newsletter.

Nick takes a look at measuring the economic impact of events around New Zealand, and some of the things to consider. Then, as a keen DIYer, Nick examines the size of New Zealand houses, finding that we’re building smaller, with the average dwelling now being 174m2 in size.

Our July forecasts are available now. Chief Forecaster Gareth Kiernan highlights that the outlook for the economy is a long, slow, slowdown, with a risk that consumers are the next economic pillar to fall.

Finally, Brad Olsen highlights the gap between Māori and non-Māori education outcomes in our regular 'Chart of the Month' feature.

Economic impacts of events
Events can be a great way to stimulate a local area – bringing a cash injection from out of town visitors, raising the profile of an area and local businesses to visitors and migrants, or simply bringing a community closer together. Many communities choose to support events which align with their strategic goals, but it’s important to assess if the benefits really stack up, and if a public investment is warranted. Infometrics offers an event impact calculator to our regional clients, empowering them to calculate impacts for themselves.
Building smaller and building more
Infometrics’ building forecasts show that consents for new dwellings in New Zealand are expected to crack 35,000 by the end of 2019. This article looks at the size of our new housing, how it’s changed over time, and one potential approach to address the housing shortfall – and meet KiwiBuild targets.
Media Release: Households could be the next economic domino to fall
Households could go into their shells over the next year as economic conditions worsen, with little to support spending growth in the near-term, according to Infometrics’ latest economic forecasts. The stagnating labour market and the potential for house prices to fall both threaten to drag consumer confidence further below its long-term average.
A day in the life of an Economist – Nick Brunsdon
Nick Brunsdon has recently joined the Infometrics Team.  This month we sit down to chat with Nick about what he’s working on at Infometrics and what brought him full circle to work in economics.
Chart of the month: Māori education critical to unlocking opportunities
wp-Maori Marae wall
Māori education outcomes continue to lag behind other groups in New Zealand. This lower attainment highlights a need to change what we’re doing to ensure that Māori succeed in education. Increasing Māori education outcomes will not only unlock more opportunities but will also give New Zealand the skills to enable us to prosper. A focus on Māori education outcomes is even more important given the growth in Māori in the working age population over the next 10-20 years.