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June 2019

In this month’s newsletter, with Matariki celebrations in full swing, Shaun Twaddle takes a look at the opportunities for improving Māori wellbeing, with a focus on skilled employment and improved education.

Chief Forecaster Gareth Kiernan takes a look at the Dunedin Hospital construction project, finding that the number of workers needed during the peak of construction will double the workforce needed for other major projects in the Otago area in the last 15 years.

Nick Brunsdon takes a dive into the latest tourism numbers to recap the latest summer of tourism, with a eye to what next summer might hold.

Earlier in June, we launched our new report Regional Wellbeing which finds that wellbeing in provincial New Zealand is being neglected, and lags behind urban parts of the country. The report has generated a lot of national and regional interest, so we’ve republished our release for anyone that’s interested in better understanding wellbeing in their local area.

Finally, Andrew Beattie looks at the future of work and automation and what that means for different jobs in our regular 'Chart of the Month' feature.

To all our readers -

Kia pai tou tatou Matariki! Happy Matariki everyone!  

Improving Māori wellbeing
Lifting the skills and opportunities available for Māori has been one of the key priority areas of the government’s Wellbeing Budget. Plenty has been written about the socio-economic, health and other challenges facing Māori over the past couple of decades, yet many of these interrelated issues remain.
Finding workers to build Dunedin’s hospital
wp-Dunedin Hospital Concept
Dunedin is finally getting new hospital, much to the relief of locals! Current estimates put the cost of the new hospital at $1.4bn, with construction scheduled to take place over a six-year period from August 2020 to mid-2026. It will be the largest project in the area in living memory and will require different approaches to get the right mix of workers. In this article we draw on our construction sector and local labour market to examine the opportunities and challenges in store for Dunedin.
Recapping a summer of tourism
All popular opinion seemed to be turning against tourism in the summer of 2017/18. Media stories were dominated with, among others, tales of inconsiderate freedom campers and overcrowding at our most popular spots. Heading into the 2018/19 summer, it seemed as if little had changed, except for a smattering of new public toilets. With international tourism data out now, we’ve looked at how the tourism market performed, with some insights into the coming season based on our knowledge of the tourism sector.
Media Release: Wellbeing in provincial NZ still being neglected
A new report from economic consultancy Infometrics highlights the stark divide in wellbeing between urban and rural New Zealand. Regional Wellbeing marks the first attempt to comprehensively report on wellbeing at a local level around New Zealand. It covers 30 indicators and draws from Infometrics’ online Regional Wellbeing Framework.
Chart of the month: Living in the future
wp-Robots and Humans
There’s plenty of talk these days about how employment will change in the future, as artificial intelligence (AI) and automation see a decrease in traditional jobs, the emergence of new jobs, and more job transitions. But these forces appear to be sculpting the workforce already.