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housing valuation

This year looks to be the worst time for potential first-home buyers trying to get into the housing market since 1957, according to new research into housing affordability from Infometrics. Read

wp-New Residential development in countryside south of Auckland

New dwelling consent numbers are on the verge of topping 50,000pa for the first time on record, with the annual total just 1,101 consents shy of this milestone in December. The 24%pa growth during 2021 is phenomenal when one considers that consent numbers were already at a 46-year high of over 39,000pa heading into the year. As conditions start to become less favourable for residential construction, is this pipeline of work all its cracked up to be? Read


The number of downbeat stories about the housing market has increased since the middle of last year. And although the market is not quite as red-hot as it was in late 2020 and early 2021, we’re not convinced that things have hit the wall yet. Read


New Zealand’s housing crisis continues to hinder efforts of young New Zealanders to get into a house. Affordability remains a key challenge for many areas, with house price growth far outstripping income growth over the past decade. There are some supports provided to enable young Kiwis into home ownership, such as the First Home Grant, but where gets the most support? As our analysis shows, Canterbury is the centre of New Zealand’s first home buyer support efforts, with a considerable level of First Home Grants going to purchases in the region. Read


Drawing inspiration from Emma Vitz’s maps showing how much income is needed for housing costs around New Zealand’s regions, we thought we’d compare costs with household incomes across cities and districts. Read

wp-The Block logo

The Block NZ is back, and there couldn’t be a better time for people to give up three months of their lives in the hope of making some money. Our Chart of the Month shows there is a strong correlation between house price growth in Auckland and the average profits made on the show. Read


Recent concerns around the cost of housing have shone a spotlight on residential rents, with the previously unremarkable indicator now closely watched. But substantial changes to how rental data is now collated means that extreme caution should be used to evaluate recent rental trends. Read

wp-Houses in Wellington

The recent government’s announcement on housing has introduced substantial changes into an area of the economy where issues are readily identified, but solutions are less obvious, and notoriously hard to implement. With both supply and demand-side changes now underway, concerns have emerged over just what impact the policies together will have, and if they will fix the housing market. Read

wp-FTB picture_02

Gareth Kiernan starts the year by looking at what we can expect of the New Zealand economy, and life in general, in 2021. Read


The Reserve Bank’s independence is an important feature of New Zealand’s economic framework. The government has some scope to include housing in the Bank’s policy objectives, and it must also ensure that the Bank takes an appropriately broad view of the economic effects of its policy decisions. But housing’s underlying problems will only be solved by more fundamental reforms of our tax system and settings around the supply of land. Read

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