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Budget 2022 Image

Budget 2022 revealed not only the Government’s plans for the year ahead, but also new forecasts from Treasury of the economic outlook for New Zealand. They present a concerningly persistent level of inflation, with substantial flow-on effects for households, businesses, and the Government’s own funding. Read


Consumer confidence plummeted to an all-time low in March 2022 in response to the ongoing uncertainty of New Zealand’s economic outlook. Households are being squeezed by rising living and credit costs, and these costs are expected to continue increasing for the foreseeable future. Read


Fuel prices have shot up in recent weeks after tough sanctions were imposed on Russian oil and gas companies and their exports by a large suite of countries. The sanctions come in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and are designed to effectively cut Russia off from the global economy and hurt... Read

wp-Supermarket for essentials resized

The cost of living is rising at an accelerating rate, leaving household budgets squeezed as wages rise at a slower pace. But just what do the increase in prices mean at a dollar level for Kiwi households? Our February 2022 Chart of the Month seeks to examine the additional cost each week that Kiwis are paying for some of the essentials. Read

wp-#30DayMapChallenge mosaic

This month I’ve been participating in the #30DayMapChallenge – an informal event organised online for geospatial and cartographic enthusiasts to learn, practice and “have fun”. There are 30 daily prompts to inspire, and anyone who wants to can just post to their preferred social media platform (eg Twitter, Instagram, …) with the hashtag. It’s a great opportunity to get creative and try new things, without the pressure to fully polish the outputs before sharing. Read


Cost pressures are building across the economy, as strong demand encounters severely stretched supply chains. Businesses are being forced to raise prices to consumers as their own suppliers hike input costs. Inflation in September 2021 was 4.9% in New Zealand – the fastest in decades if you ignore the GST rise in 2011. Provincial areas of the North Island are seeing the highest price rises, as strong economic intentions hit capacity constraints. Read


COVID-19 restrictions are continuing to ease across the world as vaccination levels rise, permitting restaurants to reopen and consumers to dine. The hospitality sector, although battling to stay afloat with services such as contactless takeaways, has seen a strong recovery around the world as people begin to leave their homes again. Read

wp-alarm clock

The Reserve Bank’s August 2021 Monetary Policy Statement made it clear that interest rates will continue to be pushed higher. Demand conditions across the New Zealand economy are strong, but supply issues are creating heightened labour market and inflationary pressures. Read

wp-JPEG image 2-min-min

Labour market pressures are building across New Zealand, with rising employment, higher job ads, practically non-existent migration, and difficulty finding workers. New Zealand’s strong levels of demand, coupled with a restricted supply (of both workers and materials), means that businesses are having to pay more for a limited pool of talent. Read

wp-The Block logo

The Block NZ is back, and there couldn’t be a better time for people to give up three months of their lives in the hope of making some money. Our Chart of the Month shows there is a strong correlation between house price growth in Auckland and the average profits made on the show. Read

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