The end of year is in sight, but our economists are not slowing down...

The team has recently added population and labour market insights on Pacific Peoples to the Regional Economic Profile (REP). In this month's article, Senior Economist Nick Brunsdon explores the rising significance of this demographic group.

Economist Sabrina Swerdloff is also looking into population data this month exploring recent patterns in internal migration.

Our recently updated Quarterly Economic Monitor (QEM) is now available to clients. Principal Economist and CEO Brad Olsen examines how jobs and population growth have supported the economy, but high inflation and interest rates are still having a moderating effect.

Infometrics monthly webinars have been very popular this year and we thank everyone who has joined us online. These webinars are available to our clients immediately, and recordings become available to the public once they are a month old.

Lastly, we end the newsletter with some economic insights from further afield. Brad recently visited the USA and takes a look at recent trends in US household spending in our monthly Chart of the Month.

Insights into New Zealand’s Pacific People
Infometrics has recently added a new section to our Regional Economic Profile which explores the Pacific Peoples population and their role in regional labour markets. This article outlines the growing significance of New Zealand’s Pacific Peoples population in the context of broader demographic shifts.
Finding patterns in domestic migration
City skyline during night time
This article explores recent patterns in domestic or internal migration between 2021 and 2022 using a new dataset from Stats NZ, exploring potential factors that shape the flow of Kiwis throughout the country.
Media Release: Regional economic momentum waning as primary sector slowdown hits
Sheep in Auckland 2022
New Zealand’s economy looks to have expanded further in the September 2023 quarter, although momentum has slowed as various economic pressures hit. Continued jobs and population growth have supported growth, but high inflation and higher interest rates have moderated the strength seen in the economy. Rising pressures on the primary sector are also beginning to hit provincial economies.
Chart of the Month: Spending in the USA
Fedex packages in NYC
Spending activity continues to be in focus, with Black Friday sales and the looming Christmas shopping season providing some insight into household budgets.