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City skyline during night time

This article explores recent patterns in domestic or internal migration between 2021 and 2022 using a new dataset from Stats NZ, exploring potential factors that shape the flow of Kiwis throughout the country. Read

Annual inflation may have come down to 6.0%pa, but businesses and households alike are still facing extreme cost pressures. A massive influx of migration and a high number of people returning to work has helped to alleviate some labour market pressures, and yet some underlying wage measures are stil... Read

Man and Woman Sitting on a Couch in Front of a Television

The economics of video streaming services don’t seem to be adding up for anyone at the moment. In the US, screen writers are on strike asking for better pay. The longer the strike goes on, the greater will be the hiatus in original programming, which will reduce industry revenues. All this at a time when investors in video streaming services are looking for greater returns, which is prompting streaming services to cut costs by firing staff and deleting content. Read

New Zealand entered its first non-lockdown recession since 2010 in the March 2023 quarter, with GDP shrinking 0.1%, following a 0.7% contraction the previous quarter. Although this slight decline in GDP confirms that the Reserve Bank’s interest rate rises are having their desired effect, the range of results across different industries shows that some parts of the economy are hurting more than others. Read

Our current economic environment is putting the tourism sector in a precarious position; tourism arrival recovery from several key international markets has declined, if not stagnated, over the last few months. Just this week, Stats NZ confirmed this week that the New Zealand economy has entered a t... Read

The announcement in late May 2023 by the Reserve Bank of one final 25 basis point hike to the official cash rate (OCR) signalled that it felt it has done enough to cool demand and bring inflation pressures under control. Indeed, the Bank forecasts inflation to moderate to below 5%pa by the end of 20... Read

New Zealand is expected to experience an economic recession this year. The technical definition of a recession is when GDP declines for two successive quarters. With GDP having fallen 0.6% in the December 2022 quarter, we might already be in recession. How well positioned are Kiwi households to navi... Read

Rockin around the Christmas tree.jpg

Chief Forecaster Gareth Kiernan has penned Infometrics’ traditional Christmas Carol. Sung to the tune of Brenda Lee’s Christmas song “Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree”. Read

caltex petrol station.jpeg

Although filling up the car has been increasingly painful throughout this year, petrol prices would be even higher without the government’s reduction to excise duty that is currently in place until January next year. But as household budgets are squeezed, is the policy really providing assistance to... Read

photo of a table

Households whose incomes are not keeping up with price rises are experiencing a fall in their standard of living. Lower-income households feel the pinch more because necessities such as rent, mortgage payments, food, and fuel take up a large, and increasing, share of their income. Here we look at those lower-income households: who they are, what pressures they are under, what is being done to help them, and what more could be done. Read